During the six weeks from “Kick-off” to “End Build Day”, we typically work 12-hour days to design, build, program, and drive a robot that meets the new challenge criteria presented by FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC). Teams from around the world then do battle in subsequent competitions. This builds impassioned members whom quickly grow a love of science technology in a very real and hands on way.


During the off-season, we strive to ‘give back’ and encourage science and technology interest in the community. We do many public appearances and our robots show at parades, fairs and events such as Beakerhead.


Safety, fun, and learning new skills are our priorities. There are no prerequisites other than a positive attitude and desire to learn. We want each member to get the most they can from their team experiences.


The non-profit organization ‘For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology’ and its local divisions globally create and coordinate competitions, logistics, scholarships, media and many other supportive aspects to manage the events and operations of the organization. They also support team by providing resources to use to help with mentorship, fundraising, building the robot, and the team as a whole.


Our team is composed of sub-teams specializing in fields including Design; Machining & Fabrication; Programming; Electronics and Pneumatics; Public Relations; and Finance. These responsibilities make for a diverse group of individuals, each contributing to a common objective.


Our goal is to bring in the real world of science and technology.  Students teaching students has been particularly effective and skills learned ranges from machining and programming, to public outreach and gracious professionalism. With the support of mentors and teachers, the club helps foster creativity and a lifelong passion for learning.


Unique strategies lead to a huge variety of robots being created. Teams, teachers, mentors, and spectators come together, celebrate the world of science and technology, and enjoy the rewards of their hard work.
“The hardest fun you'll ever have”