Despite the game changing each year, several things remain the same. The style of competition is “co-opertition”. Alliances of three robots must work together to outscore the opposition alliance.

Each year the Bishop Grandin Robotics Team competes in the First Robotics Competition. Each team competing is given six weeks to build and program a robot according to the years assigned task.

Our goal is to bring in the real world of science and technology. Students teaching students has been particularly effective and skills learned ranges from machining and programming, to public outreach and gracious professionalism. With the support of mentors and teachers, the club helps foster creativity and a lifelong passion for learning.

The non-profit organization ‘For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology’  creates and coordinates competitions, logistics, scholarships, media and other  aspects to manage the events and operations of the organization. They also support teams by providing resources regarding mentorship, fundraising, the robot build, and the team as a whole.